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Replacement Schedule

No equipment lasts forever and all HVAC equipment has a fairly predictable useful life when properly serviced and maintained. It is either replaced when it unexpectedly fails or you plan a replacement schedule to avoid an emergency replacement.

Contact Liberty to assess your older equipment, monitor and maintain all of your equipment and plan a wise and money saving HVAC equipment replacement schedule that protects your budget, your facility and the contents of your facility.

Don’t be caught with your unit down!

CONTACT US to evaluate the operational condition of your HVAC systems today.

Building Trust

Replacement Unit

Simple Questions to determine if it’s time to replace or schedule replacement of a unit:

  1. Does it use R-22 refrigerant and more than 12 years old? Plan to replace this unit at the next major repair as R-22 will be cost prohibitive. If it is a critical service unit, then talk to us to plan a replacement on your time frame.
  2. Is the unit functioning properly, and if not, what other costs are being incurred as a result such as lower employee productivity, lower morale, more sick days taken, more accidents, increased repairs/replacement of temperature/humidity sensitive machinery/equipment/electronics?
  3. Can you afford to be without a unit functioning in its place for more than a day? If not, then plan the replacement now.
"Southern Mechanical put AC units throughout our entire apartment
building. They were fast, professional and very great at there work."

Dale Martin